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Manuels PAL

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Manuels PAL

Postby laurent2cv » 07 July 2022, 17:50

Salut tout le monde,

Entendu ce matin a la radio, vu ce matin aussi sur " Discover":

Un mec a réussi a rassembler l'intégralité des manuels de jeu SNES PAL (US)et les a mis en mis en ligne.
Vous trouverez donc les 7Xx manuels prêts a être téléchargés ici:

Voila voila!
Perso, j'y ai trouvé mon bonheur!

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Re: Manuels PAL

Postby Setolam » 10 July 2022, 11:10

Hello, yes @PeebsSNES and other guys and gather and collected all english versions manuals, when there are not usa version, they can get pal versions too. There are other projects too for collect all japanese manuals, but sadly not so much people scan it, then it will take long time.

When people have the manuals and wants to scan it, they do not have scan, or have multifunction scan that it is not the best quality.

Luckily thanks to projects like this or Near project, all Usa box and manuals has been scanned. We can take a look about so many manuals.

Thanks to Nintandbox, there so many Pal stuff available, now we need complete Pal and Japanese catalog, maybe the most difficult, because there are so many games.

I hope that this cheers more people to help to complete all catalog, that will be great.
Thanks so much to people from Nintandbox that shares things too.
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Re: Manuels PAL

Postby laurent2cv » 10 July 2022, 14:15

Hi, Setolam,

Do you have links to share?

"all Usa box and manuals has been scanned
There are other projects too for collect all japanese manuals,"

When I read this, I wonder you know something :)
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Re: Manuels PAL

Postby Setolam » 11 July 2022, 05:07

Hello, you can check about original authors checking their twitter or archive pages, where there are backups from all published stuff.

Peebs and other guys was gathering all snes manuals
and other uncredited persons are collaborated about two years to get all manuals.

There are some people gathering too all SFC manuals, but I suppose that it does not release until it can be complete, for this reason it is important that people that have manuals scan it and share or send it, it can be the difference between complete or not, if it not became complete maybe it will not release.

About the usa boxes it was released about one year ago, by
maybe original links are dead, but you can find a backup in my archive favorites

The same working was in progress for Super Famicom boxes, but sadly Near pass away last year. And if nobody try follow it, there will not complete never.

Personally I think that this is so much work for only a few persons, then people must not register only for ask for new scans or go to original authors for ask for new things. And before it, they maybe would try to send something came back, sharing something that they have. Then you can ask for whatever you want.

There are other projects about old magazines too. I hope that we can have all this online someday.
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