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Aim of the website

NintAndBox put files free of charges, some scanned, other restored, from members to members.
It is not about trade here, keep that in mind, but only exchange between Nintendo lovers.
The forum's aim is to help the communication between members, so they can share advices and ideas freely.
The forum is not a market place.
It is not allowed to use the forum in order to propose or ask paid services, for both boxes or cartmods.

Some rules to keep the forum and website a friendly place

Keep in mind that all your publications (posts on the forum, file comments, your username and possibly your email address, etc.) will potentially be read by other site users, both children and adults.

Always remember that when you publish a text or share a link in the forum.
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  • Any request for help hacking whatsoever and messages on how to proceed.
  • Messages aimed to harm the forum such as flood or those who generate a bad mood or a bad spirit. If you have nothing to say about a topic do not post.
  • Topics aimed to generate maximum of messages, only to increase his post count (boost) and chains topics or posts within these, up old topics for no reason can also lead to sanctions.
  • Post in dead topics just to say something side-tracked.
  • Advertising, whether commercial or not, should be avoided without my prior permission.

We remind that the author of a message is responsible for what he publishes. In case of non respect of the present usage terms or the laws and regulations in force in France, he is subject to deletion of posts or even his account, as well as civil and criminal penalties related.

Account parameters, website access

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Website access:

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In addition, accounts created but not activated will be deleted after a minimum period of one month of inactivity.

Can I broadcast files downloaded here?

You can, but it must stay private.
The best way is to directly inform one person about this website. Word-of-mouth is good!

In any website that is not, no way.

I will not be liable for prosecution against you as a result of the diffusion of these boxes anywhere else than

Can I sell boxes I made thanks to this website?

NO, no chance, no way.
By using, you agree not to trade boxes made through it.
Two elementary reasons for that:

  • For respect for the people who make this website, and for respect for the contributors who spend many hours to scan or restore files.
  • NintAndBox can not be guilty because or illegal activities. If you are selling products made from here, then NintAndBox can be considered as provider, and you must not make me run this kind of risk. For me and for the website.

In case of non-respect of this terms or the laws and regulations in force in France, you expose yourself to deletion of your account as well as civil and criminal penalties related to conterfeit.
By using this website, you know that your all your login information will be saved. Your username, your email address, your IP address, the files you download are as much information as I can use to find and delete/ban your account.

Files improvement

Work in progress

Here are the works in progress by our members. If you would like to help, please report it on any download pages:

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Priority requests

Some files need a retouch, or a new scan. Here are the most priority requests:

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Errors reports

Sometimes, it can happend that files get some errors, or mistakes. Here are your reports:

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