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Hello all !

We live in a strange and timeless period, I therefore hope that you are doing well as your loved ones.
I have not given any news here for a long time, but trust me I still pay attention to ensure the site is working properly.
I know my administrator buddies continue to post new contributions relentlessly, and I take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Last week, I was reported a problem with registrations at the Captcha level, and also on the contact page. Indeed, I confirm that a bug appeared in April concerning this...

From now on, communication between your browser and NintAndBox server is secured. You can check the small lock to the left of the site URL, in your browser's address bar.
"It's fine bro, but what does actually change for me?"
In your day to day use of the site, nothing!

However, https protocol offers two big advantages:
- Communication is completely secured between your browser and the server hosting NintAndBox. Basically, it means that you and only you can see the pages you are requesting, the same for passwords that you use to connect. Nobody can stand between you and NintAndBox to see...

Hello guys!
In october, the 20th and 21st, will be held the 7th RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, in the South-East of France (Côte d'Azur).
I use to co-organize this event for many years.
If some of you are hereabout, please come and visit me / this cool event!

More information here (it's in french, sorry):

The whole NintAndBox team wishes you happy festive season, and good holidays if you are on vacations.
I hope Santa Claus has been generous this year, although most of us were not waiting Christmas to make ourself gifts ^^

I take this opportunity to officially announce the arrival of a new administrator on NintAndBox.
Sjaaks comes from the Netherlands, and plans to use his 18 years of Photoshop skill to help us manage files in the NES section.
He has already done the full retouch of the NES Action Set box, and has already made some publications on the site.
This newcomer arrives at...
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Live from the forum

Francky92 Wednesday 23 June 2021, 13:27
Bravo pour tes boites Game Gear !!!

J'ai tenté de télécharger les patrons que tu avais (trèèèèèès) sympathiquement partagés via wetransfert mais sans succès :( :(
Donc si l'envie te prends de les remettre à dispo :) je serais bien preneur de ces patrons :)

Je pense que des scans de GG vont en intéressé plus d'un :)

Merci et bravo !
nono7 Monday 21 June 2021, 15:42
il faut tout lire ;)
en gros j'ai fais a peu prêt la même méthode que toi au début, collé une feuille adhésive sur du papier carton, mais dans le temps ça ne tiens pas, le mieux c'est impression direct sur papier cartonné... ;)
anterak Sunday 20 June 2021, 19:53
bonjour ,

j'arrive apres la guerre :D

pierrotleouf peux tu remettre le lien stp

merci beaucoup
hcross Saturday 19 June 2021, 17:37
Bonjour !

Je suis nouveau sur le site en tant que contributeur. Je suis plutôt spécialisé dans la retouche, j'utilise photoshop depuis la version 1.0 sortie sur Mac en 1990 :)

Pour l'instant je m'attaque à la Gameboy.

J'ai posté une retouche d'Aladdin et de Caesar's Palace. En attente de validation !

A bientôt !
laurent2cv Saturday 19 June 2021, 08:59
Je pense qu'il faudrait que tu imprimes en taille réelle ( option a cocher) plutôt qu'en " pleine page" ou en " ajusté" ( option a décocher)
A mon humble avis, le problème si situe au niveau de ces options.
luca-leto Wednesday 9 June 2021, 00:16
I'm behind the gameboy color dandalion box, American or Brazilian. :roll: :cry:
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