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From now on, communication between your browser and NintAndBox server is secured. You can check the small lock to the left of the site URL, in your browser's address bar.
"It's fine bro, but what does actually change for me?"
In your day to day use of the site, nothing!

However, https protocol offers two big advantages:
- Communication is completely secured between your browser and the server hosting NintAndBox. Basically, it means that you and only you can see the pages you are requesting, the same for passwords that you use to connect. Nobody can stand between you and NintAndBox to see...

Hello guys!
In october, the 20th and 21st, will be held the 7th RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, in the South-East of France (Côte d'Azur).
I use to co-organize this event for many years.
If some of you are hereabout, please come and visit me / this cool event!

More information here (it's in french, sorry):

The whole NintAndBox team wishes you happy festive season, and good holidays if you are on vacations.
I hope Santa Claus has been generous this year, although most of us were not waiting Christmas to make ourself gifts ^^

I take this opportunity to officially announce the arrival of a new administrator on NintAndBox.
Sjaaks comes from the Netherlands, and plans to use his 18 years of Photoshop skill to help us manage files in the NES section.
He has already done the full retouch of the NES Action Set box, and has already made some publications on the site.
This newcomer arrives at...

The site is now configured to run under PHP 5.5!

For your daily use this will not change anything.
For me who maintains it is an important step, because NintAndBox is hosted on a shared server, which means that we are not the only customer (i.e. site) on the server. Therefore, our host requires us to be compliant with his server configuration, including specific PHP versions.

PHP 5.4 is no longer supported since September 2015, we really had to move on.
PHP 5.5 is unfortunately not supported since July 2016, however it reduces up to one year the obsolescence, therefore reducing risks from...
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Live from the forum

nono7 Wednesday 20 February 2019, 22:08
very good job ! ;)
nono7 Wednesday 20 February 2019, 22:07
hello ! bienvenu sur le forum ! ;)
LeSansEmploi Wednesday 20 February 2019, 20:28
Hello hello, petite rentrée de la semaine, rien de bien fou mais ca fait toujours plaisir :

kainrijames Wednesday 20 February 2019, 15:04
Rah purée les 2 Zelda GBC...
Je râle d'avoir laissé filé les occasions depuis belle lurette.
Maintenant ça fait juste mal aux fesses :cry:

ouais les prix s'envolent depuis quelques mois :( j'ai eu l'occasion de choper les deux auprès d'un même vendeur sur gamopat. Saturday 16 February 2019, 19:50
hi, my ne is ricardo and i am from portugal, i work in a big graffic company, and i can make a good quality prints and, cuts with cnc machines, if you are interested in make some of the boxs and the cartege protector wit me contact me.

thanks and thank you for doing this for us
rendal Friday 15 February 2019, 21:57
Ah, les débats de fan...Je n'ai pas dit que ce jeu avait été boudé à sa sortie ou qu'il n'est pas un vrai ou faux Zelda (euh, les premiers Zelda sont bien en 2D, de là à dire qu'ils sont plus "vrais" que les autres...Chaque jeu est un marqueur de son époque et s'est adapté en de mon côté, j'ai un gros faibles pour les versions portables, y compris celles de DS et 3DS qui sont bien en 3D).
En 1993, j'avais 17 ans et je me souviens très bien des premières photos parues dans la presse, ainsi que de...
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