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Website news

You won’t have missed it, but the website has experienced a few hiccups lately, and things escalated in the past few days with complete unavailability. I’ve just done what’s necessary to get the site back on track, but be aware that it’s technically hanging by a thread! It’s built on very old technologies and would require a complete rewrite, which unfortunately I don’t have time for.

However, while getting the site back up, I took the opportunity to address some long-standing issues:

- Renewed the domain name for an additional year (my bad ;))
- The
You may have already noticed, but the site has come to life again these days, thanks to new team member Laurent2cv.
A huge thanks to him for his commitment !

Laurent is an old school gamer since the beginning, and wanted to join the team for a long time to help the project.
He left the South of France 11 years ago to settle in Normandie, where he lives in the countryside surrended by many of his animals.
Soon 43, Laurent is a self-taught who learns everything from carpentry, electricity, bodywork to ship modelling.
"Retro gaming?" not a trend, just a way of life !

Hello !

As you may have noticed, I don't have so much time to handle this site.
I'm still keeping it alive, and secretely hope that one day, I'll recover the motication.
Meanwhile, the forum regularly encounters an issue regarding disk space usage.
And I must regularly do some cleanup, and you cannot access it during long days.
To whipe this problem out, I've decided to remove the "Download for printing" button for manuals.
The reason is quite simple, it avoids storing manuals twice, and then spare some usefull disk space.

I hope to get better news in the future, but meanwhile, if some of you...

Hello all !

We live in a strange and timeless period, I therefore hope that you are doing well as your loved ones.
I have not given any news here for a long time, but trust me I still pay attention to ensure the site is working properly.
I know my administrator buddies continue to post new contributions relentlessly, and I take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Last week, I was reported a problem with registrations at the Captcha level, and also on the contact page. Indeed, I confirm that a bug appeared in April concerning this...
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Latest added files

Live from the forum

astroboboy Monday 27 May 2024, 16:07

Voici mon premier projet plus ou moins abouti:
Repro de NES CONTOLLERS, sur la base du fichier peu retouché présent sur le site.

Avant toute chose:
- je confirme le décalage de quelques millimètres entre les deux fichiers, d'où le rendu un peu bancal. Pour une première je n'ai pas pris la peine d'éditer.
- j'ai commencé de remplacer les manettes par une photo du custom que je fais en ce moment ( noir avec logo Nintendo et logos A et B lumineux, mais pas celles sur les coté de boite pour le moment.
- j'ai le fichier de base retouché (sans les...
label321 Friday 24 May 2024, 03:11

Thanks i wil try use Adobe acrobat.

But if that does'nt work i wil go to a printshop.

They know what they doing. + is quality is better ect.

Thanks for the massage!

Setolam Thursday 23 May 2024, 12:06
Hello, for change the colors you need use the menu image-->adjust and the it depends, Tone/Saturation change this, and add strong to the colors, you can use in some specific colors or in all the image.

You can change there too the levels to control dark medium and light lights. And in selective correction you can add or subtract primary colors and secondary colors, gray, black or white. You need play with all it until you get the color that you want. I use a reference image and move until I get near colors.

Sometimes you need use mask, that is...
Setolam Thursday 23 May 2024, 11:51
Hello, and welcome to the forum, I hope that you enjoy here, and if it is possible you collaborate from time to time.

Sadly to get games became very complex for many reasons, with no video game libraries, and the games market becoming more and more a business, we need a websites like this, that helps preserve and show what many video games were like.

About A3 files, it looks like they need much space in the web, bu you only need to put together the two A4, that was the web did.

It will be great to see your collection and...
Joe_C Sunday 12 May 2024, 23:52
I came here for the same reasons and encounter the same message "This location is for Group Members Only."
This happened on Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighter NES box. I also tried with the box that Ace0616 wanted and got the same issue.

Thanks for this great job! :D
Jeff3786 Sunday 12 May 2024, 22:36
Erratum : cette boîte existe bien en version FRA, je viens de la trouver :shock:

Je la scannerai/publierai très prochainement ;)

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