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They support NintAndBox and they say it!

The NintAndBox website, through its Nintendo boxes collection offers a free service that should be state-approved, you will agree.

More importantly, it saves the videogame heritage by digitizing all these treasures once for all.

To support and to legitimate our project, you will find on this page video testimonials from mediatic people either in the videogame industry, organizations, or from the retrogaming scene. All of them express publicly their support to NintAndBox project, and to this website.
And this is a huge pleasure!

Florent Gorges

Florent Gorges is a guenuine "Playhistorian" and author of many reference books about video games history, especially about Nintendo.
With his publishing house Omake Books, he publishes many exciting books.
Testimonial gathered on september, 22th of 2016 in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, Japan.

JM Destroy

JM Destroy (french old magazines journalist) approves project!
Jean-Marc Demoly's real name, he left an indelible mark in the 90s paper press.
With his inimitable style, he has written for mythical french magazines such as Micro News, Joystick and Joypad.
After 1992, he went editor in chef of french magazines such as Mega Force, Super Power and Playmag.
Today, Jean-Marc heads the publishing house Geeks-Line (, which aims to glorify these consoles and period that made us dream. He published several quality books, such as the Nintendo64, Playstation and Sega Genesis anthologies (among other cool books).
This small testimonial video was shot during the retrogaming RE-PLAY festival in march of 2016.


Nicolas Gavet, as known as Niiico, was a famous french videogames journalist and writer for old newspapers Tilt and Consoles+ during 13 years.
After this specialized press period, Nicolas embraced general press. He is now new technologies specialist for french newspapers such as Science et Vie Junior, FHM, VSD, TV Deux Semaines or Femme Actuelle.
Last but not least, Niiico supports project, and wants everybody know it through this video that was shot during the third edition of the RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, that was held on march, the 16th of 2014.
Thank you very much Niiico, it was a great pleasure to meet you.


Alain Huyghues-Lacour, as known as AHL, is a famous french videogames journalist from the 80's and the 90's. He worked on many cult newspapers such as Tilt, Joystick, Joypad, Consoles+, MegaForce, and more. Currently he is working on, the third french videogame news website.
But he also, he supports NintAndBox through this video that was shot during the third edition of the RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, that was held on march, the 16th of 2014.
Thank you Alain, this was a great pleasure to meet you, and to have you during this past two days in the RE-PLAY festival, for which NintAndBox is a partner.
If you would like to learn more about the awesome and crazy career of Alain, go hurry to get his book (french) by Pix'n Love editions.


Marcus, from his real name Marc Lacombe, is a french videogames journalist, TV shows presenter on french TV channels GameOne and NoLife, and also support NintAndBox projet. He proves it through this video taken during the Cannes International Games festival, on march the 1st of 2014.
This video was shot on the RE-PLAY organization booth, in partnership with NintAndBox.

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