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Glad to be apart of this site, and hi

Vous qui contribuez au site par vos envois de scans et vos retouches, ou tout simplement vous qui fabriquez vos propres boites grâce à NintAndBox, cet espace est à vous !
Vous pouvez créer votre propre topic afin de vous présenter, de mettre votre photo, de faire votre promo ou de renseigner la liste des boites que vous avez envoyé. Bref lâchez vous !

Glad to be apart of this site, and hi

Postby qaz01 » 25 December 2020, 01:29

Hello everyone! I joined the site so I can make some custom boxes. I'm glad you guys have lots of files I can use to make repo boxes with. I finished my first box for the rom hack Pokemon Team Rocket Edition for the GB, not the gba one- but I can always alter the gameboy title to be gba, well technically my 2nd custom box I dif- since I did make myself a mock-up of a Akira GB game box some years ago. But this is going to be my fist box I'm printing and putting together myself. Anyway, I'm going to be printing my boxes at home on my new printer and using sticker paper to print on, then mod lodge it before applying it to my chipboard paper. Wanting to introduce myself.
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