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Suggestions for the English translation of the site

On parle ici de l'actualité propre au site, de ses nouvelles fonctionnalités, de vos propositions pour améliorer tout ça (ben mince alors je pensais que NintAndBox était déjà parfait, sic !).

Suggestions for the English translation of the site

Postby JETX2 » 14 December 2015, 06:35

"For reference" sounds much better and more natural than "For consultation"
To native English speakers a manuals, books, and other documentation are "reference material." Sure, you can "consult" reference material like you could "consult" a doctor or "consult" an expert, but it's a bit more descriptive ("Reference" implies that the specific details are already there specifically to be recalled).

"Label" is much better than "Sticker"
"Stickers" are usually added to something and not part of production, like a "Great!" sticker a teacher might put on a child's graded homework to encourage the child. The art and logo on a game pak is almost universally referred to as "Label" by native English-speakers.
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Re: Suggestions for the English translation of the site

Postby y(oYo) » 15 December 2015, 01:25

Thanks for these advices.
I add these modifications on my todo list ;)
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