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English posts and boxes, please.

On parle ici de l'actualité propre au site, de ses nouvelles fonctionnalités, de vos propositions pour améliorer tout ça (ben mince alors je pensais que NintAndBox était déjà parfait, sic !).

English posts and boxes, please.

Postby Pixelized Dreams » 12 May 2015, 12:15

Dear Nintandbox staff, this site isn't just used by French. It'd be nice for you to have some box art that are in English. For example, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon boxes and labels. I just got a Pokemon crystal cart but sadly, the box is in French. Hope you receive this.

From the South East, Pixelized Dreams.
Pixelized Dreams
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Re: English posts and boxes, please.

Postby Spiral » 12 May 2015, 13:34


All the staff of Nintandbox are french, so it's normal the site is in french (we try to answers in english, for people who don't speak french, but it isn't easy for me....)

In France, lot of people only collect game with french box, I think american do the same with american box.... So it's normal most of our boxes are french.

For the english boxes, we don't create them, we only propose boxes scanned by people, we accept all boxes, labels and manuals with good quality, on all laguages. If you have some, don't hesitate to propose them (or if you know people how have them).... ;)
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Re: English posts and boxes, please.

Postby JETX2 » 14 December 2015, 07:18

Yes. The way to solve this will be to contribute more English boxes and labels and manuals to get the ball rolling. Once there are enough English boxes to attract other English users we will get more translated posts and more English submissions. I plan to do my part and will scan everything I own as soon as I have time off. Once the ball is rolling it may grow just like a snowball.
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