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Contact admin to join a group?

Nan pas possible ! Bon, aussi exceptionnel que cela puisse être, si vous tombez nez à nez avec un bug qui vous empêche d'avancer, ne paniquez pas. Jaugez un peu la bête, essayez de comprendre ce que vous avez fait pour en arriver là, et postez un message ici pour me tenir au courant afin que je rectifie le tir.

Contact admin to join a group?

Postby Ace0616 » 15 March 2024, 05:44

Hi. Sorry, I'm new and confused... I came to download baxart for NES Ninja Turtles 2, and it says I need to ask an admin to join a group. This is after it told me I had to sign up, so now it's a two-step process. But anyhow, my question is: What group, how do I join a group, and how should I know which admin to contact? :S

Thanks for the help. Sorry if this has been asked a lot.
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Re: Contact admin to join a group?

Postby laurent2cv » 24 March 2024, 16:35


The webmaster has been informed of this problem.
It is only a matter of time before the problem is resolved.
However, try from time to time to download the file you are interested in.
If the problem persists, contact me in mp via the forum.


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Re: Contact admin to join a group?

Postby Joe_C » 12 May 2024, 22:52

I came here for the same reasons and encounter the same message "This location is for Group Members Only."
This happened on Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighter NES box. I also tried with the box that Ace0616 wanted and got the same issue.

Thanks for this great job! :D
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