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Super Mario All Stars (German) Box ready!

Ok je sais ce que vous allez me dire, "j'ai une collection rétro qui déchire, patati patata, et grace à NintAndBox, j'ai pu encore plus l'embellir en habillant mes pauvres jeux en loose, merci je vous suis redevable sur 10 générations". Ah ouais ? Alors prouvez le ici, postez vos photos et frimez devant la galerie !

Super Mario All Stars (German) Box ready!

Postby Skeletor2711 » 03 February 2023, 11:53


I am new to this website. So hello everybody! I am from Cologne, Germany.
Thanks to all members who did a very good job in creating boxes.
Some of them I tried out and they work perfectly.

To show my tribute, I created a German version of Super Mario All Stars. It took several hours; most of the texts are retyped.
Some things I could apply from other German boxes on the board. I think it looks good. If I missed anything, let me know!
Can anybody tell me where to upload the total file (>5MB)?
I would be proud to find it in the download sector one day.

Thanks, stay healthy.

SuperMarioAllStars_german_w.jpg (344.21 KiB) Viewed 10744 times
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Re: Super Mario All Stars (German) Box ready!

Postby Setolam » 04 February 2023, 04:36

Hello, Skeletor2711, and welcome to the forum, and thanks so much for share you works here.

For you box be accepted in the web it must fit with original one almost 99%, you can put the box in the drop zone, that is in the upper menu, in the menu "Contribute"->Drop files zone. There it can be download until somebody check it.

With a fast look, I can tell you that the box will not pass the control, the front text Die Kompletten is a slight cursive, that the original not, the Pal version letter are different or the purple triangle is not in the same position.

In the back the red square is cut or the orange letters in your box are not bold, like is in the original box.

Control is not for discourage you, it suppose that it is because here not can be several customs boxes for space problems, and the objetive is to have one of each boxes near as possible to the original, not so many. You can continue improve your work and any help that you need do not dude to write.

For fit with box 100%, you only have two options, fix a original scan or take a picture with good quality and put things in edition software together for compare it. Anyway you can enjoy doing the boxes although it will not publish in the main web area, you can share in drop zone or other places and share the links here. It will be very appreciate for people from you zone.

Regards and I hope that you enjoy the web.
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Re: Super Mario All Stars (German) Box ready!

Postby laurent2cv » 10 February 2023, 19:36

Hi skeletor2711

If you do a retouch, the original file must be publicated in the website first, and ... I don't see it..

So, I'm sorry but your box cannot be publicated in the site.
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