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AI retouched files?

Comme son nom l'indique, c'est ici que vous pouvez poster les demandes de scans qui ne rentrent pas vraiment dans les cases normales du site.
Aussi, si une boite vous tient particulièrement à coeur et que Photoshop n'est pas votre tasse de thé, vous pouvez demander ici de l'aide. Avec un peu de chance une âme charitable vous rendra service. Alors, elle est pas plus belle la vie ?!
Gardez cependant à l'esprit que les demandes sont traitées selon le temps libre et le bon vouloir de chacun ;)

AI retouched files?

Postby dLux » 05 November 2023, 14:05

Have anyone tried to retouch files with AI yet?
Seems like that would be a huge thing for this site and alot of boxes would be fixed in no-time.
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Re: AI retouched files?

Postby Setolam » 06 November 2023, 03:52

Hello, as far as I know AI it is only useful to resize files, and with small size files, there are watercolor effects. I didn't see that it can fix scratches or partial artworks broken parts with 100% efficiency. And I don't know if it can clean dirty or small dust particles that is the main problem to fix boxes. If you know any AI that can help this maybe it can improve the clean task. Usually some part are blured too, I don't know if AI can deal with it too.

Unfortunately until now, the best accuracy process is spent hours cleaning and fixing covers. Even retouch software can be broken the covers if you use filters in excess, that is the best way to clean points and dirty until now.

Regards and if you know more about cleaning process, any help is welcome.
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