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Game boy box size?

Vous éprouvez des difficultés à scanner vos boites ? Vous ne savez pas pourquoi vous obtenez des côtés de taille différente au moment de l'assemblage de votre boite ? Vous bloquez sur un détail de retouche ? Parlez après le bip. Biiiiiiiiip...

Game boy box size?

Postby stevieboy1 » 03 November 2018, 12:33

Hi all i am english so cant read a lot of the posts so dont know if this has been asked befor I want to make the game boy box that came with tetris etc to use as a display behind my origanal game boy. I have found some scan images here for the box but i dont know what size the box should be? My printer only prints in A4 so the box parts would need to be choped about a bit so can fit each part on to the A4 card but im a little lost at what the size should be for printing the parts? I was wondering if there was anyone here who could help me?
It would be so cool to make the box if i could.
Kind regards & best wishes
Steve ;-)
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Re: Game boy box size?

Postby Sjaaks » 05 November 2018, 11:47

All files and scans on this website have correct measurements. However, it requires the right applications to be sure, when viewing or printing the files, the measurements are correct. I use Photoshop and when opening a file downloaded from this website, Photoshop detects the correct resolution and measurements automatically. My experience with standard photo viewing applications in Windows etc. is that it can do all kinds of weird things with measurements and resolution, resulting in incorrect sizing when printing it.

We do provide A4 and A3 versions of the boxes where applicable so you should be fine. If you then open it in a respectable photo editing application you should have no problem printing it at the right size. Also, each file includes a small scaling legend so when printed, you can check if the scaling is correct.

Good luck!
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Re: Game boy box size?

Postby stevieboy1 » 08 November 2018, 21:04

hi the game boxes are fine and print out the perfect size.
I use GNU image program

But the box i want to make is the Game Boy Consol box here: ... _EUR(fr-en).zip/file-1923/
or: ... _EUR(fr-de).zip/file-2160/

But my printer only prints in A4 so i need help with re sizing the parts to be able to print them out on A4 card so I can make it But I dont know what size the box should be or how to tell the printer to print it the right size.

Best wishes
Steve ;-)
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Re: Game boy box size?

Postby jamesp » 10 November 2018, 10:58

Hi Steve,
I would try a local copy shop. Some of the larger items have to be printed on A3. Alternatively the only other option is to split the sections of the box into A4 using Ps or Gimp etc. Print them and get the double sided tape out.

I hope this is of some help.

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