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I have some requests for box art...

Vous éprouvez des difficultés à scanner vos boites ? Vous ne savez pas pourquoi vous obtenez des côtés de taille différente au moment de l'assemblage de votre boite ? Vous bloquez sur un détail de retouche ? Parlez après le bip. Biiiiiiiiip...

I have some requests for box art...

Postby LastSuperpower » 23 July 2018, 00:12

I just joined this site and am in love with it already. But I have some requests for box art that isn't featured on the site yet. I would really like these as I want my whole collection boxed up, with the others that I get printed.

These are all for the Nintendo Entertainment System...

Clash at Demonhead
Tecmo NBA Basketball
Tecmo Super Bowl
Total Recall
Wheel of Fortune

Thanks in advance for any assistance with these. :)

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