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My Gmes Room - KR4SH0V4R1D3

Dans cette section, épatez la galerie en postant les plus belles photos de votre Game Room, ou les plus belles pièces de votre collection.

My Gmes Room - KR4SH0V4R1D3

Postby KR4SH0V4R1D3 » 25 June 2020, 22:32

My Games Room

been around a year and a half to two years collecting properly, mixture of everything with my main focus being PS3 and (soon to be) import Gameboys games with custom boxes.




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Re: My Gmes Room - KR4SH0V4R1D3

Postby elcounter » 30 June 2020, 12:59

Hello =) very nice game temple ! GG
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