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Frequently Asked Questions - Boxes collection

NintAndBox project has two goals. First one is to save video-games history, and second one is to enhance your retrogaming collection, enabling you to make your own reproduction boxes to protect your loose cartridges.
We publish as many boxes, labels and manuals as possible (sent by anyone) for old Nintendo consoles where game boxes were made with cartoon.
With this boxes collection, you can print boxes at home or in a printer house, and for a cheap price get your loose cartridges dressed up again.

Read the site presentation here.

The first decision to remove original bar code on boxes was taken after few sellers have decided to take our files to sell repros over the Internet. We can once again thank this assholes...
Then, I had another idea to reuse this space to put some advertisement for the site. In that way, if one of your friend comes to visit you and discover your wonderful reproduction boxes, he will be able to scan the QR-Code to bookmark NintAndBox site, then he will be able to make his own boxes, and potentially contribute to the project.
The QR-Code is thus very useful, please keep it when making your boxes!

No, because we already have a lot to do with Nintendo! The collection is far from being complete and we prefer to focus on what we like. We aim to gather all game boxes for any language, in any version, and to rework them as much as possible to be printable perfect. All of this is a huge work and it takes a lot of time.
I hope someday someone else will have the motivation to launch similar site but for other brands or systems, and we would form a partnership.

Of course!
All members can contribute to make the collection grows, and this is the only way.
In the top contribute menu, you will find rules on how to scan new files, also the Drop Files Zone to send your files through the site.

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Our collection must be as complete as possible. We are searching for any version, any language for each game box.

No, we're sorry.
We don't have the time to make what we call "customs", which means not original. Managing original boxes takes a lot of (our spare) time.
Even if another member would do it for you, we can not publish it, as the main goal of this site is to provide original boxes.

Because they are way to big to be scanned, and nobody knows how to do that. It is possible to scan such big areas if you go to a professional print house, but it won't be free.
That's why there is few console boxes over here. For handheld systems no problem, given that systems are smaller, you will find some in the appropriate section ("Games by console > Miscellaneous files > Consoles" top menu).
That said, we would love to publish as much console boxes as you would send to us.

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Once again, we can thank asshole sellers over the Internet, that previously took these files to earn money. That why nobody wants to share their creations anymore, and we understand that.

Main issue is with copyrights.
For more than 20 years old systems, games are no more commercially used (at least in cartridges shape), so free usage "may" be allowed easier.
For recent systems, legal risks are too high.
By the way, we do already have a lot of work to do with old systems!

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Because of their shape they are hard to scan.
Game Boy Color and Advance cartridges can't be easily applied on the scan glass.
Therefore, scans are blured. Some scanners allow good scans, so make your own tests to check if your scanner is good.

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Sometimes, it can happend that files get some errors, or mistakes. Here are your reports:

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