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A new video testimonial is available, and this time it's the french videogames journalist Nicolas Gavet, as known as Niiico.
Niiico was a journalist and a writer during 13 year for old newspapers Tilt and Consoles+.
After this specialized press period, Nicolas embraced general press. He is now new technologies specialist for french newspapers such as Science et Vie Junior, FHM, VSD, TV Deux Semaines or Femme Actuelle.
Last but not least, Niiico supports project, and wants everybody know it through this video that was shot during the third edition of the RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, that was held on march, the...
Perhaps you've already noticed, but the home page has changed significantly.
In the news module and the latest forum posts module, messages are now displayed by pages.
So you will browse news and oldest subjects easier, directly from the home page.

You can also notice that the website news are now directly written in the sub-forum "Actualités du site" (that is great, but I still need to work out how to improve the english users experience on the forum, sorry about that).
Take a topic covering any news. The first post is in French, the second post is in English (for you international friends),...

A new section is now available in the forum.
This time you will be able to impress everybody with pictures of your Game Room, or the best parts of your collection !

Turn your camera on, ajust the light, and last but not least, make us dream !
I took the liberty to move some topics that were in the "Lounge bar" right in this new section.
When you post some pictures in the forum, please feel free to attach your files directly ("Upload attachment" tab in your awnser). Attach your pictures to make them last in the forum for ever !

Dear cartoon box lovers, I'm one more time very proud to bring you this new video testimonial for the NintAndBox website.
This time, it's the famous french journalist AHL, who has been in charge of many mythical videogame newspapers during the 80's and the 90's (Tilt, Joystick, Joypad, Consoles+, MegaForce, and so much more). Currently, Alain still continue to work on (third french videogame website) through his videos "Les histoires du Jeu Vidéo d'AHL".

Testimonial page is then increased with a second video, and a third is in progress!
A huge thank you to our new friend I'm now proud to...

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Live from the forum

will13009 Wednesday 30 July 2014, 01:04
Allez hop, une boite Disney ^^

Le jeu n'est pas terrible mais bon...

monsieurL Wednesday 30 July 2014, 01:02
Kainri, si tu bosses avec totoshop, fait une sélection autour de tes détourages et fait une sélection d'un cadre de 1 pixel autre, puis une atténuation d'un pixel (contour progressif il me semble), ton incrustation sera plus douce et aura moins l'effet "découpé au ciseau".

De l'aide à ce que je baragouine là.

Sinon c'est clair que c'est déjà mieux!
will13009 Wednesday 30 July 2014, 01:00
Bam! 24 boites ^^
(Je dois en avoir le double moi à faire) :lol:
monsieurL Wednesday 30 July 2014, 00:51
Certains collectionneurs voient d'un très mauvais œil le site et la communauté de nintandbox/npes (bah oui, ça ne date pas d'hier)...

Enfin beaucoup de ces collectionneurs sont aussi des spéculateurs et le site permet au plus désargentés d'entre nous de se refaire une "collection" de boîte à moindre coût.

Ajoutez à cela, les crétins qui se servent des scans en provenance d'ici pour se faire du blé (et inonder le "marché du retro-gaming") avec de fausses boîtes, normal que certains soient frileux...

Après les styx et autre énergumènes du genre peuvent toujours aller se toucher (non ce n'est pas une injure, ni même...
hentai16 Wednesday 30 July 2014, 19:55
bizarre, bizarre.... j'utilise comme d'ab...
Spiral Wednesday 30 July 2014, 19:44
Je fais une dernière relance!

Si quelqu'un a cette boite ça m'éviterais de faire tout le boulot 2 fois....

En attendant je commence tranquilement mon custom...


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Moving files from OldiesCovers continues with Nintendo 64!

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