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Quality score gets one more level, to point out if it's an improved restoration. It means that some graphic elements have been vectorized, for an even better printing output!
Before we had 5 levels: 0 was for a raw scan, and 4 was for a perfect restoration.
The new level, beyond perfect restoration, will show you if this is an improved restoration.
Please notice the wording "Restored at 101%", and the gold color on the files list, which comes after the green one.

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Dear friends, I'm very glad having choosen OVH for hosting NintAndBox website.
But why may you ask? Because they did a nice lifting on their hosting offers, so now for the same price NintAndBox takes advantage of useful technical improvements.

The first improvement you are directly concerned about is disk space, since we are moving from 25GB to 100GB, neat!
Since I added cool features such as "Download in A3" for game boxes and "Download for printing purpose" for manuals, disk space requirements have reached about 22Go rapidly. What you may not know, is that every time you are using these features, a counterpart zip file is created and stored in cache for the following members.


Has I'm still in holidays for few days, I took advantage or my spare time to work on the website.
And I'm proud to announce the Nintendo 64 section right now on NintAndBox!

By the way, I wish to all of you a happy new year, and I hope it will be full of new scans and box restorations Complice.
N64 files moving from OldiesCovers is then starting, and it will be long, as there are many files to handle.
I'm asking you to wait for the section to be fully moved before contributing in the Drop Files Zone.

If you can't wait contributing in this new section, check if what you want to send is not already on oldiescovers, because there are many chances it will land here soon.


Hello every one!
I took advantage of a short work interuption to update Joomla, the "engine" of the website.
We are now up-to-date with the latest 2.5.16 version.
Some more minor updates will come later this week, so please give me some feedback if you see something that is no more working.
Consider using the Contact form above ("The website / Contacts" menu).
Regarding the contact form, I also updated the NintAndBox team's list adding our friends Okidokii and Tachikoma33, recently promoted files managers.
It's obvious I didn't had much time to spend on the website recently, but I will catch up.
Otherwise, the RE-PLAY retrogaming festival, third edition, will took place on march, the 15th and 16th 2014 in Mouans-Sartoux (South-East of France). I will talk about this later on.

Latest added files

Live from the forum

Spiral Wednesday, 23 April 2014 @ 12:51
Je comprends pas tout à son annonce, mais elle m'a bien fait rire quand même! :lol:
Maruko_San Wednesday, 23 April 2014 @ 10:46
C'est pourtant ce qu'il faut faire. Avec mon frère et un pote on le fait souvent et on trouve toujours des petits trucs et comme on part avec l'idée de faire un tour, même si on trouve rien c'est pas grave. Lundi on a en a fait une , je n'ai rien trouver d extraordinaire mais mon frere a trouver un smash bros N64 en loose pour 5 € bah il était content.
RetroFan Wednesday, 23 April 2014 @ 10:37
WAOUUHHH :shock: Bon allez faut que j'économise quelques mois de salaire :lol: Sans déconner, je peux me payer une P****n de villa pour ce prix
kainrijames Wednesday, 23 April 2014 @ 03:50
retouche de Kirby fun pak fah sur snes uploadé dans la zone de dépot ;)
kainrijames Tuesday, 22 April 2014 @ 22:22
Zator je t'ai envoyé un message privé. sinon je cherche aussi les etiquettes de pocky and rocky 1 et 2 si quelqu'un a ça.
y(oYo) Tuesday, 22 April 2014 @ 20:45
Oups, je me note ce bug dans ma todo list :lol:
kainrijames Tuesday, 22 April 2014 @ 14:51
custom the shadow:
Spiral Tuesday, 22 April 2014 @ 07:43
Oui je vais faire ça je pense ;) Je m'occupe de ça pendant mes vacances la semaine prochaine!
Spiral Monday, 21 April 2014 @ 18:41
Si tu parle d'une des photos de will, oui c'est un vrai! ;)
marcoma Monday, 21 April 2014 @ 17:57
Bonjour, je recherche le sticker Fifa 97 sur game boy. Merci.


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OldiesCovers / NintAndBox fusion
Nintendo boxes library, which previously was on NpES website, is now totaly moved on NintAndBox.
Moving files from OldiesCovers continues with Nintendo 64!

You can check the progression below:

Virtual Boy : 100 %
Game Boy Color : 100 %
Nintendo 64 : 27 %