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Florent Gorges is a guenuine "Playhistorian" and author of many reference books about video games history, especially about Nintendo.
With his publishing house Omake Books (, he publishes many exciting books.
Testimonial gathered on september, 22th of 2016 in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, Japan.

Find this testimonial (french), and the others in the testimonials page here.

FAQ, as known as "Frequently Asked Questions" is now openned!
This section gathers all questions that come up often in the forum.
For instance "I printed a box and it's not the right size, your files are bad!", or "why there is so few console boxes shared on the site?", all this questions and more can be found in the brand new FAQ.
Before asking in the forum, please review the FAQ section to find out if your answer immediately. It will be faster, and you will avoid to flood the forum.

FAQ will be found everywhere in the header of the forum,...

Everybory can make his own boxes. It's simple, fast and really cheap.
And our new tutorials are here to convince you!
For the moment, they are in french, but you can still use the automatic "Google translate" button on each post.
If some of you want to help translating all this stuffs, you are more than welcome!

Since now in the "Turorials" section of the forum, you can read a new "super tutorial" that will stand as an entry point on boxes making.
In this tutorial, I embedded all the keypoints you need to understand in order to start the best as possible.

Good reading,...

JM Destroy (french old magazines journalist) approves project!
Jean-Marc Demoly's real name, he left an indelible mark in the 90s paper press.
With his inimitable style, he has written for mythical french magazines such as Micro News, Joystick and Joypad.
After 1992, he went editor in chef of french magazines such as Mega Force, Super Power and Playmag.
Today, Jean-Marc heads the publishing house Geeks-Line (, which aims to glorify these consoles and period that made us dream. He published several quality books, such as the Nintendo64, Playstation and Sega Genesis anthologies (among other cool books).
This small testimonial video was shot...
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Live from the forum

nono7 Saturday 10 December 2016, 23:50
Bah, je pense pas être le seul à posséder ce magazine.
Ce serait mieux un nouveau scan, parce que le lien que je t'ai envoyé est un peu moiré.
M'enfin, si ça te convient c'est cool !

bha perso je ne l'ai pas hélas, c'est sur qu'un nouveau scan serait mieux mais je vais faire avec pour l'instant, si toute fois quelqu'un a l'image de meilleur qualité, je suis preneur quand même :mrgreen:
rendal Saturday 10 December 2016, 21:43
Derniers achats en date de rendal, celui pour qui une cartouche de Tetris en loose est une vraie aventure...
Bon, ben là, c'est presque ça : une visite (la 1ere en 2 mois) au cashtruc du coin et...
image gratuite

Joie et bonheur du retrogaming.
Bonne soirée

kainrijames Saturday 10 December 2016, 15:28
baisse de prix des 4 jeux pour 15e + frais d'envoi mondial relay faut que ça parte!
Spiral Friday 9 December 2016, 17:56
Je sais que le turtle in time jap est rare mais il ne vaut pas ce prix la non plus.... (dans les 200€ je dirais)
Herz Thursday 8 December 2016, 22:51
Bon, je me remet à la quête de la police perdue plus tard (ou je dépense les 24€ qu'ils demandent...).

Pour l'heure j'up juste le fichier carte.
AleMasca Thursday 8 December 2016, 13:02
Uhm, thanks for now but i think that there is a faster way. Waiting for other replies. ;) :geek:
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