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help scanning NES stickers

Vous éprouvez des difficultés à scanner vos boites ? Vous ne savez pas pourquoi vous obtenez des côtés de taille différente au moment de l'assemblage de votre boite ? Vous bloquez sur un détail de retouche ? Parlez après le bip. Biiiiiiiiip...

help scanning NES stickers

Message par binxberry » 24 Octobre 2018, 18:53


Sorry if this is an easy question, but I've recently started looking at the site and appreciate the work done here. I wanted to help by scanning in some labels I have to share, but I'm not sure what method is best to scan them. I tried checking the FAQ and searched the forums, but I wasn't able to find anything (I also can't read French so I might have just missed it for that reason too)

To get a scan of the largest area of the label, I can usually just put it in the scanner and close the top. However, I'm not sure how to scan the short side of the label at the top of the cartridge. Do people remove the label in order to scan it?

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense! Hopefully someone can give some advice on their method, I have a few NES games that I'd like to share the labels of and contribute in some way so I'd really appreciate any advice.

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Re: help scanning NES stickers

Message par Sjaaks » 25 Octobre 2018, 07:39


Thank you very much for considering to contribute to NintAndBox. It is very much appreciated.

I evaluate NES uploads. Usually i receive NES label scans in twofold. One scan of the cartridge's front and one where people just press the top of the cartridge to the glass of the scanner. There always is a small gap of maybe 1 or 2 millimeters that needs to be filled in with Photoshop (the edge of the cartridge). You're not obliged to do that, i can do it for you no problem. Other important factors are scanning anything at least at 600DPI and trying to avoid image compression as much as possible.

I'm looking forward to your uploads, thank you in advance! :)

Regards, on behalf of
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Re: help scanning NES stickers

Message par Martwansito » 26 Octobre 2018, 13:25

I actually scan top labels like this :lol: :lol:


They are some spanish labels, I've uploaded them to the Drop Files Zone.
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Re: help scanning NES stickers

Message par Setolam » 27 Octobre 2018, 04:42

Hello, I think that a very good option for scan some labels is take a picture with a camera, because some carts have curves, like snes and it is very hard to put it near the glass. It became blurred, if you take an not blurred picture with high resolution, maybe it is ok.

But this my opinion, maybe others do not share it.
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Inscription : 18 Mars 2017, 19:53

Re: help scanning NES stickers

Message par Sjaaks » 29 Octobre 2018, 13:50


The problem with a photograph is the low(er) resolution and the fact that camera lenses are curved as opposed to the flatbed scanning technique of a scanner. So there will always be some level of distortion present.
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