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Need some help printing

Vous éprouvez des difficultés à scanner vos boites ? Vous ne savez pas pourquoi vous obtenez des côtés de taille différente au moment de l'assemblage de votre boite ? Vous bloquez sur un détail de retouche ? Parlez après le bip. Biiiiiiiiip...

Need some help printing

Postby qaz01 » 25 December 2020, 21:06

So I made a Gameboy box that I want to print. 2 things, 1. I don't know if 300dpi is good enough to print because it seems to low and 2. I'm trying to print on sticker paper and wanted to know the settings for photoshop to print at. Like I know I have to change it to landscape to get more of the box but I don't know if I'm supposed to print one half of each each side at a time. I have 8.5 x11 sticker paper and chipboard paper. So I wouldn't know. I'm trying to print at home since I only have a Staples near me that does printing but they don't have 300g/m chipboard paper. And the only 300g/m paper I can get is the 8.5x 11 so I figured I'd print at home this way it's safer with everything going on (especially since so many people in that Staples constantly has lots of customers come in and remove their masks when talking to the employees or also when they're online inside the store- especially those who are getting printing done). So yeah, looking for some help printing my box. I'm going to be printing on sticker paper, adding mod podge to it than applying it to the chipboard paper.
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