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Hello All!

Vous qui contribuez au site par vos envois de scans et vos retouches, ou tout simplement vous qui fabriquez vos propres boites grâce à NintAndBox, cet espace est à vous !
Vous pouvez créer votre propre topic afin de vous présenter, de mettre votre photo, de faire votre promo ou de renseigner la liste des boites que vous avez envoyé. Bref lâchez vous !

Hello All!

Postby ValleyOfWind » 09 August 2022, 02:05

Hi All,

I just recently joined, I have been collecting Game Boy / N64 stuff for a couple years now. I am considering starting to make some repro boxes for my own collection / contribute what I can to such a cool community.. I did a quick search of scanned boxes with the region - Australia / PAL on the website for N64 / Game Boy and it doesn't seem as though there is much currently.

Are there Aussie members here / Aussie scans happening? I have a few boxed Australian versions that I would like to scan to contribute, will just need to read through some of the FAQ when I am not at work.
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Re: Hello All!

Postby Setolam » 14 August 2022, 03:30

Welcome to the website, I don't know if there so many Australian people, because there are not so many Australian boxes scanned, sadly not so many people scan things, then maybe there somebody hidden in the shadows XD.

I am more Snes collector, but any versions and any systems is more than welcome and it is help so much to preserve games, and it is great to can see differences between versions.

I hope that you enjoy the site, and if you can apport some scans in the way, it will be great.
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