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Frequently Asked Questions - Sell

Very hard to answer such question, because I had the idea to create this site after I saw Game & Watch reproduction boxes sold on eBay :)
Let's say that if it comes from NintAndBox, we are obviously against because the seller uses our work to earn money. It is also for this reason that all custom boxes seen on the forum are not shared anymore. Regarding copyright, the seller assumes alone all legal counterfeit risk ;)
If you find reproductions for sale all over the Internet, and these reproductions seem to come from this site, please report them both on the selling site, and here on the forum.

No, in any case. We (NintAndBox members) spend a huge amount of time to scan, rework and publish files on this site.
It would not be fair to use our work in order to earn money. An exception could be made if you are the actual author of the rework you want to use, but be aware that members from this site won't let you do your business easily.
Furthermore, site's spirit is not to earn money, and users are requested to agree. We share the same passion first of all!

Once again, we can thank asshole sellers over the Internet, that previously took these files to earn money. That why nobody wants to share their creations anymore, and we understand that.

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Sometimes, it can happend that files get some errors, or mistakes. Here are your reports:

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